Benefits of Living in Rockville, MD

Rockville, Maryland is located right at the heart of Maryland’s beautiful Montgomery County. It is not only a major part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, but the third largest incorporated Maryland city as well (behind Frederick and Baltimore). It is also the second most populous Maryland city (behind Germantown).

Along with Bethesda and Gaithersburg, Rockville is located right in the middle of the interstate 270 Technology Corridor. The Corridor is home to a multitude of biotech and software giants, making it a major destination of choice for upwardly mobile professionals. It is also one of Montgomery County’s major retails hubs.

Rockville History

Rockville’s history as a location goes all the way back to the first millennium BC when it was a go-to refuge for early semi-nomadic Native Americans. Eventually, some of these nomadic groups would learn to take advantage of the lush flora and diverse fauna, forming the area’s first year-round agricultural settlements. However, these tribes would eventually be driven away by European colonists.
Rockville would later become a bona fide (but unincorporated) town by the 1700s. It would be known by several different names – including Daley’s Tavern and Owen’s Ordinary — but it would become Rockville in 1755 thanks to the Braddock Expedition.

Perks of Living in Rockville

Rockville is well known and much celebrated for its cultural diversity. For instance, Rockville is home to one of the state’s largest Chinese communities. It is also the center of the Washington DC area’s Jewish-American population.

Rockville is considered to be extremely livable by residents and housing authorities alike. A stable housing market and high graduation rates make it an excellent place to settle or raise a family. A high number of desirable local amenities – including various restaurants, shopping venues, and parks within just a mile of the city’s center – make it a fun place to live, as well as a diverse one.
Rockville is also notable for its access to top employers like Lockheed Martin, Quest Software, BAE Systems, Goodwill Industries, and Adventist Healthcare to name just a few.

Getting Around Rockville

As one would suspect in a typical residential township, most Rockville residents get around via automobile or carpool. However, there are ample public transportation alternatives available to those that do not drive or do not wish to drive. Outside transportation is located within 30 miles of the Rockville town center – two airports and ten Amtrak stations.