Benefits of Living in Olney, MD

Montgomery County, Maryland is considered to be one of New England’s most desirable places to live and with good reason. It’s located within close proximity of Washington DC, one of the nation’s most exciting places to work and visit. However, it epitomizes what most people think of as suburban charm as well. Olney, Maryland is no exception.

Olney is an unincorporated section of Montgomery County located in the central portion of the county. Among the perks of purchasing property and building a home in Olney are its close proximity to Washington, DC – ideal for commuters and families looking for convenient access to cultural centers, entertainment, and more.

Olney History

Olney as residents know it today actually started out as Mechanicsville and was established in the year 1800. Like much of the surrounding area, Olney in its earliest form consisted mostly of farmland and rural surroundings. However, it wasn’t long before the area started drawing artisans from all walks of life. In fact, Olney gets its name from the home town of famed British poet, William Cowper thanks to early residents Sarah Brooke and Dr. Charles Farquhar.

After the British siege of Washington in 1814, the president and his family actually passed through Olney on their way to nearby Brookeville. Olney and its residents of the time were also somewhat involved in the conflict behind the Civil War, although not to the extent some of the neighboring towns were.

Perks of Living in Olney

Although many of the suburban towns of Montgomery County and the surrounding areas can claim that they’re among Maryland’s most desirable places to live, Olney really fits the bill. Olney is currently considered to be exceptionally livable by the residents and by housing authorities. It features a stable housing market, making it a great place to invest in real estate. It also has a high income per capita, high graduation rates, and access to many local amenities as well. Options located within just a mile of the town center include multiple dining venues, schools, grocery outlets, fitness venues, and more.

Getting Around Olney

As is the case with most suburban neighborhoods – especially those popular amongst commuters – most people in Olney get around via automobile or carpool. However, there is certainly access to public transportation alternatives as well. In addition to this, Olney is a mere 30 miles away from 3 airports and 8 Amtrak stations.