North Potomac

Benefits of Living in Potomac, MD

Not many towns in the United States have the title of “most affluent town in the U.S.” to their credit. However, Potomac isn’t one of those. In 2013, listed Montgomery County’s own Potomac as exactly that and it’s not terribly difficult to see why. Potomac has one of the highest median household incomes in the entire country. It is also ranked 7th among America’s most educated small towns according to Forbes.

And did we mention that Bloomberg Businessweek listed Potomac as number twenty-nine when it comes to America’s richest zip codes in 2011? Potomac is at the top of the game when it comes to high graduation rates, stable housing markets, and high income per capita as well.

Potomac History

The place we all know today as Potomac was first settled in 1714 by Edward Offutt when he acquired a 600-acre land grant. Soon it became a tiny rural community known as Offutts Crossroads, a locale that catered mostly to farmers, planters, and the occasional traveler. By the time the 19th century was in full effect, a tavern and a few modest dwellings had become part of the mix. During the Civil War, a post office, blacksmith shop, and a couple of general stores would appear as well.

Potomac would finally gain its permanent name in 1881 when John McDonald named it after the Potomac River. The reasoning behind the change was actually part of a move toward shorter, more concise names for the convenience of the postal service.

Perks of Living in Potomac

Potomac is considered to be the place to live for commuters that work in Washington DC. It is also home to quite a few of the area’s most highly regarded schools. Potomac residents are people that are fully dedicated to education and affluence. The city boasts high graduation rates, a high income per capita, and a stable housing market. The town is also home to mid-October’s Potomac Day, a town-wide celebration of the various local happenings that have occurred throughout the year. Potomac is also considered to be a safe city with a safety rate higher than 64% of all U.S. cities.

Getting Around Potomac

In most suburban cities, the tried-and-true automobile is far and away the transportation method of choice and Potomac is no exception. However, public transportation options are more than available to those that do not drive. Two airports and ten Amtrak stations are also located within 30 miles of the city’s centermost point.