Montgomery Village

Benefits of Living in Montgomery Village, MD

When you’re looking for the very best of both worlds when it comes to the Maryland town you call home, nothing beats the appeal of a Washington DC suburb. Close, easy access to DC means you get to maintain a career in one of the nation’s most exciting cities. However, you also get to spend your off days in peaceful, idyllic surroundings that are perfect for raising a family. It’s the American dream in a nutshell and Montgomery Village embodies it perfectly.

Montgomery Village is a large, planned suburb of Washington, DC. It is an unincorporated location in Maryland’s Montgomery County. It is also considered to be part of the Washingtonian metropolitan area.

Montgomery Village History

While some of Montgomery County’s towns do come attached to a long history dating back to the 1800s and beyond, Montgomery Village made its appearance on the scene more recently. In 1962, Kettler Brothers Inc. created it from detailed plans for a model community. Ground was broken in order to build the town’s first house in February of 1966.

By August of the following year, the very first Montgomery Village model homes were opened with many more to follow in the months to come. Soon more features would follow in order to add to the suburban charm of the town including the Montgomery Village Gold Club, the Whetstone Community Center, and more.

Perks of Living in Montgomery Village

Montgomery Village is considered to be extremely livable by those that actually live there, as well as by housing experts. Perks most often cited include high income per capita, high graduation rates, stable housing markets, and access to a large variety of local amenities and businesses. These include but are not limited to 9 grocery stores, 20 shopping venues, 7 parks, 4 coffee chops, and 20 dining venues, all of which are located within just one mile of the city’s epicenter. As is the case with all Washington DC suburbs, Montgomery Village is considered to be an ideal location for those that work or seek recreation in the city.

Getting Around Montgomery Village

In and around Montgomery Village, the trusty automobile is the primary way people choose to get around, followed closely by both carpool and public transportation. Bus lines and public commuter transport options connect the town to nearby cities and venues. Outside transport – consisting of two major airports and seven Amtrak stations – is located within 30 miles of the city’s centermost point.