Benefits of Living in Laytonsville, MD

Maryland’s Montgomery County is home to a number of quaint suburbs that are ideal for those seeking to lead quiet, peaceful lives. Laytonsville is no exception. With a population of only 353 as of the 2010 census data and size of only 1.04 square miles, Laytonsville is an especially ideal choice for those that enjoy the idea of a place to live that personifies the very idea of small town, rural charm.
Laytonsville is also notable for its stable housing market, low crime rates, and high income per capita. The Laytonsville community has a high graduation rate and desirable student to teacher ratios as well.

Laytonsville History

Originally, Laytonsville was known as Cracklintown. This is because of how well known the area was for its local specialty, the town’s trademark crackling bread (bacon cornbread). In fact, the locals’ version of crackling bread was so popular and famous, that eventually the entire area became known as Cracklin District. Laytonsville was officially incorporated into that district in the year 1892.

Perks of Living in Laytonsville

Laytonsville has rural charm and small town appeal in common with Olney, its nearest neighbor. However, its exceptionally small size and tiny population make it especially intimate – a quality many of the locals consider to be a perk. Tracts of farmland along the town’s outskirts, home designs that feature generous plots of land, and more all help to contribute to this feel.

The value of individual homes in Laytonsville is also high in comparison to homes in many nearby towns – roughly 68% greater than the Maryland average. Employment rates and income rates are also relatively high. Very few of Laytonsville residents live at or below the poverty line. Laytonsville is also considered to be a very safe place to live with a crime rate that is 53% lower than the national average.

Access to local amenities actually located in Laytonsville is limited because of the town’s small size. However, there are a few local favorites to be enjoyed, such as restaurants, a coffee shop, some parks, and two shopping venues located within city lines. More amenities can be found just outside of town in neighboring towns and cities.

Getting Around Laytonsville

The vast majority of Laytonsville residents get around via automobile, although the town itself is easily navigated on foot or by bike because of its size. Public transportation options are also available. Laytonsville is located within 30 miles of two major airports and multiple Amtrak stations as well.