Benefits of Living in Kensington, MD

Maryland has no shortage of desirable places to live and beautiful real estate to invest in. However, when you’re looking for your forever home, desirable isn’t good enough. You want ideal – the kind of place that really feels like home. If you’re looking for an exceptionally safe, comfortable place to live that is just right for couples and families, then look no further than Kensington.

Kensington is beloved by those that live there for its rustic charm, community-driven hometown feel, rich history, low crime rates, and high graduation rates. It’s a wonderful destination to consider for those looking to start families or that work in nearby Washington, DC but prefer suburban life when off the clock.

Kensington History

Kensington is located in a section near the Rock Creek basin and was primarily considered to be an agricultural town until the B&O Railroad expanded through Montgomery County in the year 1873. In the beginning, Kensington was known as Knowles Station but received the name “Kensington Park” from DC developer, Brainard Warner in honor of a recent trip to London, England. It was later shortened to simply “Kensington”.

Because of its mild climate and close proximity to Washington, DC Kensington eventually became a favorite summer retreat where city residents could take a break from Maryland’s humid, tropical summers. Today, it is listed on the National Register of Historic places.

Perks of Living in Kensington

Kensington is considered to be the ideal commuter suburb for those with jobs in Washington, DC and other nearby cities. Exceptionally low crime rates and very high graduation rates contribute to a family friendly environment. Easy access to Washington, DC and other nearby cities provide residents with the best of both worlds – an idyllic, suburban setting in which to live along with the ability to enjoy high powered careers in the capitol.

Kensington is also filled with amenities. They include but are not limited to multiple restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment venues, churches, and shopping venues. Mild winters and summers in comparison to nearby towns are also a big draw.

Getting Around Kensington

As is the case with most suburban towns, the majority of Kensington residents get around by automobile or carpool. However, there is access to local bus and transit systems for those that do not drive. Kensington is located approximately 30 miles away from two major airports and nine Amtrak train stations as well.