Benefits of Living in Darnestown, MD

Maryland is home to many quaint and beautiful towns that would make excellent places to work, live, and raise a family. However, Darnestown is a cut above quite a few of the rest. It is a favorite place to build a life for those interested in living a quiet, safe, wholesome suburban lifestyle. The area is considered affluent, featuring rich land and many homes within or above the million dollar range. It is also considered an especially ideal place to live for couples, families, and those seeking to be a part of a tight-knit small town community.

Darnestown History

Darnestown is named for its founder, William Darnes. Darnes himself originally inherited the land from his father-in-law’s Mount Pleasant land grant. (In fact, the town’s founding name was Mount Pleasant, then becoming Darnes and later on Darnestown.) When it was first founded, the town featured a single store, a wheel wright, a tavern, two blacksmith shops, and a multi-purpose building made of logs that served as both a school and a church.

The largest and most significant boom the town saw occurred during the Civil War when it became responsible for servicing many of the troops camped in and around nearby Washington, DC. However, once the war ended, so did the town’s brief place in the sun as a commercial center. Eventually, it would be absorbed completely by suburban neighborhood development.

Perks of Living in Darnestown

Life in Darnestown comes attached to a high cost of living. However, the town also boasts a high income per capita, high employment rates, enviable graduation rates, a very stable housing market, and crime rates that are 65% lower than the national average. As Darnestown is quite small, there aren’t many amenities located within city lines. However, the town does feature two major grocery stores that are open until midnight every day of the week. There are also two elementary schools. The majority of the local shopping and dining opportunities are located just outside of town – within just a mile or two.

Getting Around Darnestown

The transportation method of choice in Darnestown is automobile or carpool by a landslide. However, there are public transportation options available for those that do not own cars or do not wish to drive. Darnestown is also relatively walkable. Two airports – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Dulles International Airport — are located within 30 miles of the city’s center, as are nine Amtrak stations.