Benefits of Living in Damascus, MD

If you’re planning on moving to Damascus, Maryland then you’re most likely the sort of person that values concepts like family, old world charm, tradition, and high living standards. In fact, Damascus is considered to be one of the most livable cities in all of Maryland. The town itself falls just west of the fall line that separates the Atlantic coastal plain and the Piedmont of Appalachia. Those that call it home love Damascus for its sprawling rural landscapes, as well as it’s charming, productive, family-owned farms.

Damascus History

The area we now know as Damascus was first acquired by Nathaniel Pigman from the state of Maryland itself in the year 1783. This area was later purchased by Edward Hughes, a War of 1812 veteran, in the year 1819. Hughes was also appointed area postmaster by President James Madison. Hughes was also the one responsible for naming the town. (He called it “The Pleasant Plains of Damascus” after the old world Syrian city of Damascus.) He eventually would establish a major postal road that ran through the town as well.

It didn’t take long for lovely Damascus to start growing into a beautiful, productive town and developing the distinctive character that remains to this day. It was an epicenter for mechanics of all kinds in particular, including wheel wrights, shoemakers, tailors, farmers, and more. It remains a favorite location for those in agricultural and mechanical trades.

Perks of Living in Damascus

The people of Damascus have worked hard to make sure it’s retained its rural, old-fashioned charm into the present day, even in the face of encroaching urban development. It is host to a full-scale September agricultural fair that has been a tradition ever since 1940 and attracts many thousands of visitors each year. Active 4-H clubs, equestrian centers, and more are located within a mere 5 miles of the downtown area.

Damascus is also home to the Damascus Heritage Society Museum located just behind the city’s public library. Additional perks attached to life in Damascus include high graduation rates, a stable housing market, and a high income per capita.

Getting Around Damascus

Residents have easy access to multiple shopping centers, restaurant options, and schools within just a mile of the city’s epicenter. Most residents commute via automobile or carpool, but there are ample public transit options available for those that do not wish to drive. There are two different airports within 30 miles of the city, as well as 6 Amtrak train stations.