Benefits of Living in Clarksburg, MD

When it comes to up and coming places to settle in Montgomery County, Maryland and surrounding areas, it doesn’t get much better than Clarksburg. Clarksburg itself is an unincorporated Northern Montgomery County location conveniently situated along Interstate 270. It is also roughly 4 miles north of Germantown, Maryland. Despite the fact that the city has been on the rise in recent years, it still boasts a small town, intimate charm with a population of just over 13,700 as of 2010 census numbers.

Clarksburg History

Clarksburg was named for the trader, John Clarke. It was also originally established right at the main intersection between Frederick, Georgetown, and a well-known old Seneca trail of the time. Notable Clarksburg inhabitants include Michael Ashford Dowden. In 1752, Dowden was the recipient of a patent that entitled him to 40 acres granted via the colonial government.
He was later granted official permission to build an inn that would eventually go down in history for hosting General Edward Braddock’s army during the French and Indian War. This same inn is also notable for possibly serving the great President Andrew Jackson while he was en route to his inauguration.

Around the year 1770, Dowden’s grandson constructed a general store in Clarksburg and was eventually given a postmaster’s position. Since then, Clarksburg has undergone multiple revisions as to what city officials hoped it would eventually become. Currently, the city is experiencing a major growth spurt that has made it more desirable than ever before as a place for Montgomery County residents to settle down.

Perks of Living in Clarksburg

Saying that Clarksburg is on the rise according to current standards would be an understatement. As of data compiled during the 2000 census, the city boasts a population roughly 13,600 residents strong and climbing. A multitude of advances have been in the works to help accommodate the growth and provide Clarksburg citizens with the best possible living experience.
A brand new town center is underway right in the heart of the city. The current populace is also notable for its high education level. Therefore, it makes sense that a number of new schools, gorgeous public parks, and new housing zones are also in the works. That said, the city is currently considered to be an ideal settling location for Montgomery County area residents looking to be part of an up and coming community. Clarksburg is also home to established businesses of the likes of BrightFocus Foundation and Thales Communications.