Benefits of Living in Burtonsville, MD

Burtonsville, Maryland is an unincorporated, suburban area located just outside of Montgomery County. On the whole, residents of Burtonsville neighborhoods consider themselves to be part of Silver Spring despite the fact that Burtonsville is not officially considered a part of that region. Burtonsville covers a total area of around 8 square miles.

Burtonsville History

Burtonsville as an area has been around since colonial times. Back then, it was largely referred to as the Patuxent Hundred (and later on, the Eastern Branch Hundred). Naturally, these titles were bestowed due to the town’s small, intimate population at the time – about a hundred people. Prominent Burtonsville landholders of the day included Neal Clark, Mark Richardson, and Richard Snowden. Snowden in particular was a notable iron master with various land patents as far as the surrounding area.

Burtonsville itself is named for yet another major landowner by the name of Isaac Burton. In 1825, Burton successfully bought out all of his siblings when it came to his father’s land holdings. In doing so, he automatically became the primary landholder in the entire area. Burton and his wife had a whopping 17 children and many of them chose to remain in the area well into adulthood.

Over the forthcoming years, Burtonsville continued to grow until it surrounded Old Columbia Pike, as well as the main road to Sandy Spring. Isaac Burton himself eventually became the city’s first postmaster once an official post office was established.

Perks of Living in Burtonsville

Today, Burtonsville retains its small town charm with a population of only around 7,305 people as of United States census numbers from the year 2000. The average median income for the Burtonsville area hovers around $70,000. This makes it a desirable area for upwardly mobile professionals, but not unaffordable to families that aren’t yet bringing in six figure salaries. Only a small number of Burtonsville residents actually live below the poverty line.

Burtonsville boasts easy access to a number of solid public schools as well. These include Burtonsville Elementary School, Benjamin Banneker Middle School, Greencastle Elementary School, and Paint Branch High School. Residents get around primarily by car and (occasionally) via public transportation.

The city is also home to annual historical events like Burtonsville Day. Burtonsville Day celebrates the contributions and accomplishments of the city’s namesake. The event encompasses social gatherings, a large parade through the town, and a multitude of activities/attractions such as petting zoos, games, and family activities.