The Benefits of Living in Brookeville, MD

Brookeville is a small but charming suburban town located approximately 20 miles north of our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. It is a mere two miles north of the nearby city of Olney. Brookeville is considered by locals to be a beautiful and affluent choice as far as places to settle down or purchase property.

A large portion of the city’s residents have prestigious careers in government or equally ambitious fields. Parks, recreational areas, near proximity to solid education options, and a small population size also make Brookeville an appealing place to raise a family.

Brookeville History

Historically speaking, Brookeville is famous for being settled by Quakers during the late 18th century. The original settlers were Richard Thomas and his wife Deborah in 1794. The land on which the town was developed was originally inherited from Deborah’s father, Roger Brooke IV. Brooke was the son of a highly affluent landholder in the area which would eventually become Montgomery County.

Brookeville was originally functional as a market town for the surrounding agricultural community. Later, it became home to a number of mills, a boys’ academy, multiple churches, and a post office. A toll road was also built to help facilitate easy transport of goods to nearby Washington, D.C. Brookeville is also notable for being the home of Thomas Moore, Jr. as well as the inventor Caleb Bentley. Bentley changed agricultural history with groundbreaking inventions like the refrigerator.

Perks of Living in Brookeville

Along with nearby Olney and Sandy Springs, Brookeville is considered to be part of a trifecta of highly affluent, desirable communities located just northeast of Montgomery County. It is quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and home to a variety of wealthy, well-educated professionals. It is also still home to many of the Quakers that helped settle the area and make it what it is today.

A number of additional local treasures are easily accessible from Brookeville. These include beloved eateries such as the Olney Ale House and the Inn at Brookeville Farms. The Sandy Spring Museum and the Sandy Spring Meeting House are also located nearby.

Getting Around Brookeville

There are a few bus routes that will allow for transport from Brookeville to surrounding areas like Washington, D.C. However, automobile travel is largely considered the most efficient way to get around. The MD-97 (also known as Georgia Avenue) constitutes the primary north-south route servicing areas from Brookeville to Olney and surrounding areas. The MD-108 is the area’s most prominent east-west route.