Benefits of Living in Bethesda, MD

When you choose to make your home in Bethesda, Maryland you’re also choosing to live in one of the most affluent areas in the entire United States. In 2014, Bethesda received the honor of the number one position on Forbes magazine’s list of most educated towns in America. In 2012, it was also listed first on CNN Money’s list of the highest earning towns in the country. Bethesda is an excellent place to settle down for those that are interested in fitness, health, education, and income to be sure.

Bethesda History

Bethesda originated as a major part of a thoroughfare located on an ancient Native American trail. In the early 19th century, this trail further developed into a toll road known as the Washington-Rockville Turnpike and Bethesda itself bloomed into a small but prosperous settlement. It would officially be named “Bethesda” in 1871 by postmaster Robert Franck after a Presbyterian church known as the Bethesda Meeting House.

Bethesda continued to expand over the course of American history thanks to modern railways, as well as numerous 20th century commercial and residential development projects. By the 1940’s, it was rapidly expanding into the highly affluent community we know and love today.

Perks of Living in Bethesda

Located in convenient Montgomery County, Bethesda isn’t just a beautiful city in its own right. It’s a mere 1.5 miles away from Washington D.C. – a perfect option for upwardly mobile citizens looking to build a professional future in our nation’s capital. Bethesda is also known for its critically acclaimed restaurants and pubs, so residents can rest assured that there will be plenty of places to dine out and soak up the atmosphere should they choose to call this area home.

The Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club, the Cabin John Regional Park, and the Taste of Bethesda annual food/music festival, and many more locations/events offer locals and visitors alike an excellent opportunity to experience the area at its best. Bethesda is also home to two major shopping malls, a variety of independently owned boutiques, and even the grave of celebrated American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Getting Around Bethesda

Residents can easily commute to Washington D.C. via the Metro Red Line rail system. The Tipper Bus and the Vamoose Bus offer simple, affordable transport into New York City. If traveling by car, then one can easily connect to D.C. via Wisconsin Avenue and Connecticut Avenue. Capital Crescent Trail offers a wonderful citywide alternative for pedestrians and cyclists.