Active Adults 55+

Chances are you’ve moved quite a few times over your lifetime. From your parents’ home to a college dorm. Your first apartment or home with your spouse. Maybe you needed a bigger home when your family grew or you moved to follow a career or to find work.
Perhaps you love moving. Maybe you hate it.  And now you’ve decided that it’s time to move again.

This time, it’s a little bit different. Without the demands of a growing family, you can focus on what you want and where you want to live. We’re here to help you as you decide on the perfect home for your life now.

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Downsizing your home doesn’t mean leading a less fulfilling life. It doesn’t mean that you’re getting ready to buy the farm (unless you’re actually moving to the country)! And it doesn’t mean that you must give up your family heirlooms or mementos you’ve collected throughout your life.

Downsizing means making your life simpler, more streamlined, so you’re able to spend time, energy, and money on the things that truly matter to you. (It also means finally getting the kids to move their boxes of toys and high school yearbooks from your attic to theirs!)

Use these tips to get started:

•    Go room-by-room over a period of time. Tackling the entire house at once can be overwhelming. You might find yourself making mistakes or poor judgements just because you’re trying to rush.
•    Start with the easy stuff. The kitchen, bathrooms, toolshed, and garage are all places where many of us store multiples of things. Do you need 20 tea towels? What about the three pots whose glass lids have broken over the years?
•    Create designations for divesting yourself: give away, donate, and throw away. Items on the give-away pile are ones you think others might find useful or have an emotional connection to. For the donate pile, choose one or two charities that will benefit from your items.  If something is beyond repair or no longer useful, put it in the throw-away pile. You might consider a fourth pile—sell—if you think that some of your cast-offs might be intriguing to others.
•    Keep your favorites. If you have favorite items, by all means, keep them! If you absolutely cannot—for example, antique furniture that will not fit in your new home—give it to a loved one who will cherish it just as you have.

Considerations When Moving

The moving process can be a daunting one, especially if you’re doing it alone or if your mobility isn’t what it used to be. Or maybe you’ve just had it with schlepping boxes. There are many services available to help when you just don’t want to put in the time or energy. (After all, who has time to pack when there are grandkids to cuddle?)
•    Professional cleaning for staging your home during selling as well as cleaning your new home before you move in.
•    Window washers for staging your home during selling.
•    Professional movers for packing, moving, and unpacking.
•    A handyman, electrician, or plumber to fix small problems before selling.
•    A gardener to spruce the place up for selling.
•    A handyman for cleaning out the gutters and making other important fixes before selling.
•    Painters for your new home.
•    Appraisers for any high-value items you might be selling as you downsize.

Questions to Ask Yourself

The decision to move is one that few people take lightly. You’re not just buying a new home—you’re also investing in a new community and a new lifestyle. There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself as you begin looking around:
•    Do I want to live in a 55+ community?
•    What amenities do I want nearby or in my community (pool, gym, valet garbage disposal, etc.)?
•    Will I stay in my current town or am I looking for somewhere new?
•    How will this move impact my current finances and my future financial plans?
•    What health services, religious organizations, and/or social clubs are vital to my happiness?
•    Do I want to live in a walking community?
•    How big (or small) do I want my home to be? Will there be room for visiting friends and family?

Finding New Dreams

The search for a new home is the perfect time to think about and reevaluate your dreams and goals. What do you want to accomplish during this new chapter of your life? Knowing the answer to that question will help you pinpoint the perfect community and home for you!

Moving to a community with bike trails and walking paths will help you achieve your wellness goals. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to own a horse; living somewhere a bit more rural with a horse barn can make that dream a reality. Maybe you’re a theater buff who wants to be close to the limelight—living in the city can give you the access to plays and musicals that you’ve been craving.

Dream. Dream big.


Maryland for Active Seniors

And speaking of dreams, it doesn’t matter what your dream is; you’ll be able to chase it in Maryland. With beautiful waterways, beaches, mountains, cities, and farmland, you can find a neighborhood that speaks to your heart and is near to the activities and locales that you’re interested in.
•    Find nightlife and world-renown entertainment in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
•    Relax on sparkling, Atlantic Ocean shoreline or hike a bit of the 40 miles of beautiful Appalachian Trail that run through our state.
•    Taste-test some of America’s finest cuisine, craft brews, and wines in any number of excellent farm-to-table restaurants and local breweries and wineries.
•    See the Potomac by bike on paths on the C&O Canal.
•    Enjoy watersports and fishing along the Chesapeake Bay.
•    Explore historic towns and villages on the Eastern Shore.
•    Garden in your backyard or enjoy the plentiful farmer’s markets, roadside stands, farms, and orchards.
•    Easily hop on a train, bus, or plane to visit friends and family in other states. Maryland has an excellent mass transit infrastructure and is home to two of the nation’s transportation hubs.

Taking the Next Step

It’s tough to take the first step, especially if it’s a new one. But when you’re ready, we’re here to guide you through the process of finding a new home—one that is absolutely right for you and your lifestyle. We know the area and we’re especially sensitive to the needs and wants of active seniors.

Selling your home can feel like the end. But it’s not. It’s just the beginning.